NZ Story

The first Lagotto Romagnolo in New Zealand was the puppy Nugold Marcello who arrived in December 2005. Marcello has been successfully competing in obedience and agility and became one of the foundation members of the Takahoa Kennels.

The third Lagotto puppy, and first in the South Island, arrived from Azzuronastro Kennels Australia in December 2006 to become the foundation member for Commachio Kennels, but sadly passed away of cancer in 2009. Azzuronastro Kennels sent an Australian Champion Lagotto to Commachio Kennels to enable their plans to continue for the Lagotto Romagnolo breed in New Zealand. Azzuronastro Aniela soon achieved her New Zealand champion title, becoming one of the first to have dual Australian and New Zealand titles.

Also arriving in December 2006 was an Australian Champion Lagotto Romagnolo from Greydove Kennels Australia who was to become one of the two foundation members of the Takahoa Kennels.

2007 saw the arrival of two Lagotto girls, one from Azzuronastro and one from Nugold Kennels in Australia to establish Miabella Kennels. They were joined by a Tartufo boy from Australia in 2008 to complete the Miabella team.

Early 2008 saw the arrival of the kennel The Kakaponest from Europe with seven Lagotti, one of whom was in whelp, and as a result the first Lagotto Romagnolo puppy to be born in New Zealand arrived very soon after in February 2008.  The Kakaponest Kennels had a further and last litter in February 2009, and the owner of the Kennels has now retired from breeding.  However the European blood lines from the puppies of Kakaponest have made a valuable contribution to the gene pool of the Lagotto Romagnolo population in New Zealand.

In April 2008 the first litter for Takahoa Kennels arrived.  One of the boys from this litter achieved NZ Champion status at 1 year of age, the first New Zealand born Lagotto Romagnolo to achieve NZ Champion status.

Miabella Kennels had two litters of puppies arrive in March and April 2009.  One of the girls from the March litter was subsequently trained to sniff out truffles and featured in a Country Calendar program about truffle growing in the Hawkes Bay.

Late 2009 saw the arrival of a further two puppies from Azzuronastro Kennels in Australia to two new homes.  One of these puppies has since gained her NZ champion title and is to become part of a breeding programme for her owner.

Commachio Kennels had the arrival of a litter of puppies in February 2010, two of whom have now achieved NZ Champion status, and March 2011 saw the arrival of a second litter for Commachio Kennels.

Lagottostar Algebar arrived in April 2010 from Australia and has shown early promise by winning Puppy in Show at the Continental Gundog Show held in conjunction with the National Dog Show in October 2010 and gaining his NZ Champion title.

August 2010 saw the arrival of two Lagotto Romagnolo from Tartufo Kennels Australia, and both are to be part of future breeding programs.  Tartufo Orsino has shown his qualities by winning best of breed at the National Dog show in 2010 and 2011, gaining his NZ Champion title and gaining a best of gundog group and best junior in a show in April 2011

By the end of 2010 there had been 31 Lagotto Romagnolo puppies born in New Zealand with some of these being exported to Australia and the USA.  Along with imported Lagotti the population in New Zealand at that time stood at about 40.

2011 continues to be a good year for Lagotto Romagnolo puppies in New Zealand with four kennels producing litters so far, bringing the current population to around 55.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is establishing itself in New Zealand as a versatile dog; as a family pet, a show dog, an agility dog and a truffle hunter.