Brooklyn’s ears

One Lagotto’s personal ear story

This is a personal story I’d love to share that is purely from my own experience with Brooklyn that has worked. I’m not wishing to alter or say what works for Brooklyn is the way anyone should change the way they do things if all is well but it’s good to share in case someone gets some little thing from it for our fabulous Lagotto babies.

I was so fortunate to get Brooklyn at the age of 7 months but I had never owned this breed before. I hadn’t even heard of the breed. She is such a darling and I know most of you know Brooklyn as she is always showing off on FaceBook! When she arrived home she was very affectionate but didn’t like me to rub her head or go near her ears to give her a cuddle. I thought it was just Brooklyn’s personality and she was very well and healthy so didn’t give it much thought. I had read a lot about the Lagotto prior to her arrival and plucking of the ears was a high mention in almost all information I read or they would suffer from ear infections. I spoke to different people who owned dogs who had floppy ears and don’t get air flow and no one could really tell me much. The vets were in favour in July 2012 of plucking only around the outer part of the ears and not near the drum. I was none the wiser. I didn’t pluck at all, I’m too much of a softy so I would clean daily Brooklyn’s face and around her eyes and ears with a wet cloth and she was fine although she was still not keen on me touching her around her ears or top of her head.

Then 3 months after I had her she was shaking her head this day and had an ear infection which was cleared up with a 10 day course of antibiotics and daily cleansing drops which was part of the daily routine well after the yeast infection had cleared up. The vet did not need to pluck as Brooklyn didn’t have extra hair in her ears. She was always happy but hated me putting these drops in her ears. A few months later in the heat of the summer she was diagnosed with a rather severe ear infection and again put on a higher dose of antibiotics for 10 days. Her ears were inflamed and red and smelly and she hated me going near them. She would shake her head as her ears were always sore. Drops and antibiotics and cleaning and the occasional plucking (by the vet nurse) didn’t really help. I had an ongoing problem………..I posted this problem on our FaceBook page around April this year and I received lots of advice so a big thank you again, but the answer for Brooklyn which both Lynne, Archie’s mum and Peggy, with Mia and Eddie, were the ones who had came to the rescue. THORNIT Powder or HAPPY JACK as it is known in the States. Peggy sent me a container of HAPPY JACK which is like any other powder in texture and Peggy posted a video clip how to use it. I stopped the daily drops and put a little of the HAPPY JACK in each ear and I do this once a month. I then bought THORNIT from Melbourne Australia and have that in the drawer. From the day I started using THORNIT I have not had one problem with Brooklyn’s ears. I wash Brooklyn’s ears every day and I DON’T pluck her ears. Brooklyn loves me rubbing her face and ears and head and when I think back I guess she always had sensitive ears and just didn’t like me touching her in that area. I spoke to the vet about it and since their theory over a year ago they have now told me that we shouldn’t pluck the ears as the inflammation from plucking causes the infection. Especially near the drum she said to definitely not do. Only the outer ear if absolutely necessary and I know there are a lot of different opinions on plucking so I will leave that to each. Sometimes a plug of hair will form near the drum and the vet said she would remove it should that happen. So far so good! No plucking, no ear infections, no sensitive ears, no smelly ears and Brooklyn loves me rubbing her face and ears. I changed her diet prior to Thornit which didn’t make any difference. I have introduced other foods now she has Thornit and she still eats chicken and doesn’t like lamb or beef, only veal and some fish. Not keen on Salmon. So I experimented with her diet to see even with the Thornit, would I get these previous issues back with her ears and so far no. She eats a varied diet and is fine.

If you are experiencing the same problems please consider Thornit. It’s the answer to Brooklyn’s problems and the vet costs have dropped hugely. It’s easy to apply to each ear with a little teaspoon and I massage the powder into her ears which she loves and because the powder is dry she doesn’t mind me putting it in her ears. She is so happy and her ears are just not an issue anymore just by using Thornit. I was not even aware this existed and without FaceBook and each of us putting our stories forward to share helps others. I know I have learned so much just from reading answers to questions others have asked. Please take from this anything that may help if it applies to your Lagotto and I hope it is only a very tiny number but I call it the MAGIC POWDER:-) I am one happy mum and I have one happy Brooklyn.

Sue and Brooklyn….