Mairangi meet-up January 2016

What could be better than a beach meet-up on a lovely summer afternoon. After watching the 5 big dogs swimming, puppy took his first swim!

mairangi bay beach mairangi bay beach mairngi bay beach mairangi bay beach

National Dog Show October 2014

We had 6 lovely lagotti represent our breed with pride.

Show Time Show Time Show Time Show Time

Pet Expo April 2013

Our club was at the Christchurch Pet Expo again with great success.

Taranaki Gundog Show March 2013 with Judge Margaret Giles, a record 9 lagotti attended     Photos courtesy of Supahots.com

Taranaki Gundogs  Taranaki Gundogs  Taranaki Gundogs  Taranaki Gundogs

Waihi beach walk February 2013

Eight lagotti and their people met and walked at Waihi beach on a perfect summer’s afternoon.


Muriwai beach walk June 2012

A gathering of Auckland lagotti and their owners at Muriwai beach. Ten lagotti came to play and the weather held out all afternoon.


Club Evening February 2012

The NZ Lagotto Romagnolo Club held a club evening and pot luck dinner in Canterbury, with Dr Margaret Giles as our guest.  All the members attending brought their dogs, there were 15 Lagotti present,  you can see 11 of them in the photos below.

Club eveningClub eveningClub eveningClub evening

Pet Expo October 2011

The NZ Lagotto Romagnolo Club had a stand at the Christchurch Pet Expo on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October 2011. Our lagotti at the Expo were all great ambassadors, generating a huge amount of interest in the breed. Thanks to all the club members who put in the hard work to make our stand at the Expo such a success.

1st Pet Expo1st Pet Expo1st Pet Expo1st Pet Expo

Club Formation:

In early 2010 a group of enthusiastic Lagotto Romagnolo owners from Canterbury met with the intention of forming a New Zealand club to represent the breed. Following this initial meeting, owners and breeders were consulted from throughout New Zealand towards the formation of the club.

The New Zealand Lagotto Romagnolo Club was formed at the inaugural Annual General Meeting held in September 2010 and official recognition was approved by the Executive Committee of the NZ Kennel Club in January 2011.

Breed related activities that educate and foster involvement in and the betterment of the breed are to be promoted.  The aim is to encourage the breed in activities of exhibition, obedience and agility training, tracking and field trials, flygility and truffle scenting.  Further Club objectives are to promote friendship and mutual support among dog owners, fanciers, breeders and exhibitors and to promote the sound breeding and well-being of the Lagotto Romagnolo.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a small to medium sized dog with a curly thick waterproof coat that does not shed so is considered hypoallergenic.  The Lagotto Romagnolo has an exceptional scenting ability, and today is the only breed in the world officially recognised as specialised in searching for and sniffing out truffles.

While the Lagotto Romagnolo is an ancient breed of water retrieving dogs, originating from the area of Romagna in Italy, they are a still a rare breed in New Zealand with the first Lagotto Romagnolo arriving in New Zealand in late 2005.